Your own blood platelets are used to restore your lost hair

Those who have always enjoyed a full body of thick hair throughout their lives, whether it grays with age or not, can never truly appreciate the trauma experienced by those who lose some or all of their hair for any number of reasons. These reasons range from hereditary factors to extreme cases such as the loss of all hair during cancer treatments. Hair loss also occurs quite regularly among more people today due to their own ill-treatment.

This twenty first century lifestyle concern that causes sudden or gradual hair loss arises from poor dietary habits and the lack of physical activity. Hair loss can also be caused by extremely bad habits such as cigarette smoking and the excessive drinking of alcohol. But given the trauma experienced, now is not the time to judge. Now is not the time to tell those who have lost their hair that they are acting out of vanity in their search for hair restoration.

Now is the time to give encouragement and spread the word that hair loss treatment that truly works, in varying degrees depending on the individual’s genetic disposition, medical condition and health, is widely available. One such treatment, known as platelet rich plasma treatment is proving to be quite effective. It entails the process of drawing a patient’s own blood to ignite the hair growth in the areas required.

Share your discoveries with those that need to know. Put your arm around the shoulders of someone who needs lifting and encouragement. Hair loss is particularly traumatic for women and young children. It is dramatic and goes completely against the grain of our cultural perceptions. Spare a thought for those in need while getting rid of all the stigmas.