Gain New Vitality with Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Just as women go through menopause, men go through a drop in sex hormones too. For men, it is called, “andropause,” and it is a serious medical issue. Men experience a loss in vitality, loss of energy, diminished sexual drive and performance, depression, and many other problems. All of this is due to the fact that the male hormone, testosterone, decreases after the age of 25 to 27. You are fine for a few years and then it starts to drop even lower. Look into testosterone replacement therapy Jacksonville FL based clinics and get on the road to improved vitality.

Decreased testosterone causes more than just some weakness and loss of vitality. Low testosterone is implicated in heart disease, prostate problems, and even conditions such as diabetes, albeit indirectly. There are a few different ways that men can get their testosterone levels back up to normal. When you consult with professional physicians about this issue, they will check your hormone levels by taking blood. If you are in the low range, it will be time to look at some different options and your doctor will educate you about this.

Many clinics and services offer extensive testing for male hormonal support. It is important for your health and longevity as a man to take care of this issue. A healthy, vital life is possible even when you are getting older and things in the body are not working the way they used to. The old saying that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger may indeed apply. Low testosterone won’t kill you, but if you boost it back up, it will make you stronger and more vital in life. If you are over the age of 30, go get tested to see if male hormone replacement therapy is right for your situation.